OhioDIG, the Ohio digitization interest group for archivists, librarians, and others interested in cultural heritage materials, meets every other month in the central Ohio area for presentations and networking.

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Meetings, 10 AM-1 PM, consist of a 30 minute social, a 1 hour presentation, followed by a "brown bag" lunch with all-attendee updates and networking. In 2014, we also began providing space for interest/user groups in the early afternoon following the main meeting.

There is no membership fee and no charge to attend meetings. All are welcome! Upcoming meetings are announced (and registration announced) through the OhioDIG Listerv. For more information on a specific meeting, contact that meeting's host.

- 10:00-10:30 coffee social (coffee & cookies);
- 10:30-11:30 presentation and discussion on topic;
- 11:30-11:45 break/rearrange room;
- 11:45-1:00 brown bag lunch: all-attendee updates, "members" meeting, discussion;
- 1:15- optional: tours, small group discussions (user groups, birds of a feather)


Tuesday May 24, 2016
Program: Digital Scholarship at Denison University
Synopsis: Denison University has launched many digital scholarship projects in the last several years under the financial support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in cooperation with the Five Colleges of Ohio. Three projects will be demonstrated and discussed: 1) Mapping Oceania, a showcase of student-selected Oceanic art works from various museums around the world; 2) Expanding Archive, a collection of material relating to the history of LBGT students and the Queer Studies program; and 3) Baptists in Burma, a digitized aggregation of archival materials from across the country that uses Axis Maps to identify content's geolocation. Will include a tour of the new archives facility. Classes will be out for the year, so parking will be simpler.
Hosts: Sasha Griffin & Debby Andreadis, Denison University
Site: Level B, Doane Library, Denison University, Granville.
Directions: When you arrive at Denison's University main entrance (100 West College Street), head up the hill and then bear right at the top. From there, turn left at the stop sign. Follow that road and take the second left into the parking garage (the first is a service entrance). As you enter the garage, turn left immediately for visitor parking. Park as close to the parking gates as you can. After you park, cross the garage past the parking gates and into Talbot Hall. Use the elevator to go to Floor 3. Walk down the stairs and out the double doors. Head towards the left and the library will be on your right.
Parking: Free in the visitor's lot in the parking garage.
Registration: Please register by Weds, May 18, 5pm.

- 10:00-10:30 coffee social (Denison will provide coffee & light pastries);
- 10:30-11:30 presentation and discussion on topic;
- 11:30-11:45 break;
- 11:45-1:00 brown bag lunch: all-attendee updates, "members" meeting, discussion;
- - 1:15-2:00 tour of the library and of the new Archives & Special Collections space.


JULY 7, 2016 Topic: Field Trip to Cleveland. Site: Cleveland Public Library.
SEPTEMBER 2016 Topic: Digital Library Assessment. Site: Columbus Metro Library.
NOVEMBER 2016 Topic: TBD. Site: TBD.
JANUARY 2017 Topic: TBD. Site: TBD.

Always looking for volunteer presenters and hosts! Contact Janet Carleton carleton -at-


MARCH 9, 2016 (Brief notes (PDF))
Program: Digital Preservation: Tools & Storage
Speakers: Deanna Ulvestad, head archivist, Greene County Public Library (Slides--see Meister); Eira Tansey, digital archivist/records manager, University of Cincinnati (Slides); Sam Meister, preservation communities manager, Educopia Institute (Slides)
Synopsis: Eira will discuss how she is using a grab bag of tools, including some from BitCurator, to analyze and appraise university electronic records. Deanna and Sam will discuss the MetaArchive Cooperative, a member-driven digital preservation network of more than 50 institutions, and describe the innovative organizational strategies and the technical infrastructure of the Cooperative.
Hosts: Lily Birkhimer & Jenni Salamon, Ohio History Connection.
Site: 3rd floor, Ohio History Center, 3rd floor, 800 E. 17th Ave. Columbus.
Parking: Free, on site.

FEBRUARY 5, 2016 (Was Jan 12 & 21) (Brief notes (PDF))
Program: "Equipment: Book Scanners"
Speakers: Lily Birkhimer, digital projects coordinator, Digital Services Department, Ohio History Connection (Atiz BookdrivePro, Bookeye 4 V1A, Zeutschel OS 12000 A1) (Slides); Aaron O'Donovan, digitization & local history librarian, Columbus Metropolitan Library (Atiz BookDrive Pro w/ Canon T3i, Atiz BookDrive Mark 2 w/ Canon T5i, Plustek OpticBook A300) (Slides); Megan Mitchell, digital initiatives coordinator, Oberlin College Library (The Internet Archive's Table Top Scribe)
Synopsis: Many of us are looking to update or newly acquire equipment for book capture. Panelists will discuss their experiences with evaluating and acquiring new book scanning equipment for various use cases. There will be time for questions and for attendees to share their own experiences.
Host: Lily Birkhimer & Jenni Salamon, Ohio History Connection.
Site: 3rd floor, Ohio History Center, 3rd floor, 800 E. 17th Ave. Columbus.

NOV 19, 2015 (Brief notes (PDF))
Program: "Preserve Digital Ohio"
Speakers: Elizabeth Allen, circulation assistant, Bexley Public Library; Jillian Carney, manager of digital services, Ohio History Connection; Shannon Kupfer, digital & tangible media cataloger, State Library of Ohio; Nathan Tallman, digital content strategist, University of Cincinnati
Preserve Digital Ohio is a project led by the speakers. The four came together and applied for the 2015 ILEAD USA Ohio program with the objective to promote outreach and education in digital preservation matters amongst cultural heritage organizations within Ohio, especially small, volunteer-run organizations. The team gave an overview of ILEAD, discussed how the project was developed, demoed the Digital Content Inventory Tool, and took feedback from the audience for future enhancements.
Hosts: Jillian Carney & Lily Birkhimer, Ohio History Connection.
Site: Ohio History Center, 3rd floor, 800 E. 17th Ave., Columbus
Parking: Free, on site.
Tours: Behind the scenes of Digital Services. Attendees had a quick, 10 minute tour of the Digital Services department which included information about the new overhead cameras as well as large-format scanner.

SEPT 9, 2015 (Brief notes (PDF))
Program: "Harnessing the Lifecycle: Planning and Implementing a Strategic Digital Collections Infrastructure at the OSU Libraries" (Slides)
Speakers: Emily Shaw, head, Preservation and Reformatting; Terry Reese, head, Digital Initiatives; Dan Noonan, e-Records/Digital Resources archivist, the Ohio State University Libraries.
Speakers gave an overview of the Ohio State University Libraries' multi-year effort to plan, develop and implement a robust infrastructure for lifecycle management of their digital collections.
Site: Westerville Public Library, 126 S. State St, Westerville, Ohio.
TOURS will be of the public and behind-the-scenes areas of the Local History Center. The Center's collections include the John R. Kasich Congressional Collection and Anti-Saloon League Museum, along with many other local history resources.

JULY 7, 2015. 10th Anniversary Meeting! (Brief notes (PDF))
Program: Field Trip: "All Things Digitization @ the Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County" (Slides)
Speakers: Katrina Marshall, manager, Digital Services and Stephanie Bricking, metadata librarian, Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County.
Staff at the PLCHC recently completed a large migration of content from a home-grown content management system into CONTENTdm. Speakers discussed why CONTENTdm was selected as their new digital collections management system, the new workflows that have been implemented due to this change, and what challenges they have encountered during the migration process. TOURS were of The Preservation Lab and the PLCHC Digitization Lab & Cincinnati Room.
Hosts: Katrina Marshall & Stephanie Bricking
Site: Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County, Huenefeld Tower Room, 3rd floor, South Building, 800 Vine St, Cincinnati.

MAY 20, 2015 (Brief notes (PDF))
Program: "Project Management for Digitization" (Slides)
Speaker: Laurie Gemmill Arp, director, Digital & Preservation Services, LYRASIS.
The talk provided an overview of project management for digitization projects. We looked at project management throughout the process focusing on: managing the process, concentrating on best practices, execution, and evaluation.
Host: Angela O'Neal, Local History & Genealogy manager, Columbus Metropolitan Public Library
Site: Meeting was held at the Columbus Metro, NEW Whitehall Branch, 4445 E. Broad St, Columbus. Tours were of both the New building, and Old building, which is the temporary location of the Local History & Genealogy library.

MARCH 31, 2015 (Brief notes (PDF))
Program: "Update on the DPLA" (Slides)
Speakers: Shannon Kupfer, digital & tangible media cataloger, State Library of Ohio; Katy Klettlinger, library consultant, State Library of Ohio; Jillian Carney, manager of digital services, Ohio History Connection
After years of planning, the Digital Public Library of America was launched in April 2013 and, in the past two years, has grown to become a major force in the effort to provide access to cultural heritage materials in digital formats. DPLA Community Reps Jillian, Katy, and Shannon will talk to you about what the DPLA is and how it works, and then we'll have a follow-up discussion on Ohio's future participation in DPLA.
Hosts: Jillian Carney & Jenni Salamon, Ohio History Connection.
Site: Ohio Historical Center

JANUARY 22, 2015 (Brief notes (PDF))
Program: "US Copyright Law and Fair Use"
Speaker: Sandra Aya Enimil, head of the Copyright Resource Center at The Ohio State University Libraries.
Enimil gave information on copyright law in the US and provided insight into fair use. Fair use and other exceptions provided to libraries and archives under the United States Copyright Act were also discussed in depth. Fair use frequently functions as an exemption to the copyright law for educational and socially important purposes such as teaching, research, criticism, commentary, parody, and news reporting. There was also discussion on the history of copyright, using copyright-protected work and the public domain. Enimil was unable to share her slides with us, but has many resources to offer at and
Host: Shannon Kupfer, State Library of Ohio.
Site: Board Room, State Library of Ohio, 274 E. First Ave, Columbus.

NOVEMBER 19, 2014 (Brief notes (PDF))
Program: "What Do Users Want: A Discussion"
Speaker: Andrew Schocket, director, American Culture Studies, assoc. professor of history and American culture studies, Bowling Green State University. (Slides (PDF))
Schocket will report on results gathered from the Scholars' Dashboard project--a series of three two-day workshops, teaming humanities scholars, librarians, and technologists in innovative application development to optimize use of humanities collections. The workshop produced technical requirements for a Scholars' Dashboard which might be considered for any online digital humanities repository. White paper and poster.
The second half of the presentation session will allow attendees to discuss their own experiences in reaching out to user communities to solicit feedback, how that data has been used to guide digital programs, and what opportunities remain to learn more about how we can better serve our users.
Hosts: Lily Birkhimer & Jenni Salamon, Ohio Historical Society.
Site: Ohio Historical Center, 3rd Floor Classroom, 800 E. 17th Ave., Columbus. Free, onsite parking.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2014 (Brief notes (PDF))
Program: Basic Considerations for Digital Preservation
Speaker: Dan Noonan, assistant professor, e-Records/Digital Resources archivist, The Ohio State University Libraries/University Archives. (Slides (PDF)
The process of digitizing our collections is no small feat. As such, we more likely than not will want to preserve these digital surrogates so as not to have to continually re-digitize, which can be labor intensive and costly, as well as pose a potential threat to the original artifact. This presentation will address the basic steps archivists, curators, and librarians need to consider to establish an appropriate digital preservation environment.
Host: Shannon Kupfer, State Library of Ohio; Program: Janet Carleton, Ohio University.
Site: State Library of Ohio, Columbus. Free, onsite parking.

JULY 22, 2014 (Brief notes (PDF))
Program: Equipment: The Foundation for a Digital Hub
Speakers: Jill Clever, Toledo Lucas County Public Library; Chatham Ewing, digital initiatives & services strategist, Cleveland Public Library; Stephen Hedges, executive director, OPLIN; Katrina Marshall, digital services manager, Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County; Angela O'Neal, Local History & Genealogy manager, Columbus Metropolitan Public Library
The panel discussed equipment concerns for the Digital Hubs Project, a collaboration between the Cleveland Public Library, Columbus Metropolitan Library, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County and the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library to develop a statewide program for digitizing and accessing materials relative to local and state importance. With funding from IMLS through the LSTA program, the State Library of Ohio and OPLIN, these four hub libraries will also reach out to other libraries with limited digitization capabilities to enhance their own digitization efforts. Phase One of the project involves purchasing specialized equipment for the Hubs and developing service models. In this session, participants will discuss how to select equipment for digitization projects, working with vendors and lessons learned in building a digital lab.
Host/Program: Angela O'Neal.
Site: Columbus Metropolitan Public Library, Main Library, Genealogy, History and Travel division, 3rd floor, 96 S. Grant Avenue, Columbus.

MAY 21, 2014 (Brief notes (PDF))
Program: What do I do with all this stuff? Audiovisual digitization, practices and procedures
Speaker: John Walko, Media Archive Manager, SceneSavers (Slides (PPTX 6MB)
John covered: what makes preserving AV materials more challenging, dangers facing AV collections, IDing different formats, inspecting videotapes for suitability for transfer, how to prioritize, how do you know if it's a good transfer, what types of files to create, and data protection.
Host: Jillian Carney (
Site: Westerville Public Library, Westerville, Ohio.

MARCH 31, 2014 (Brief notes (PDF))
Program: Lessons Learned: In-House Digitization
Speakers: Amy McCrory, digital imaging specialist, The Ohio State University.
"Material Issues: Physical Features, Lighting, and Digital Capture" (Slides or Download from Dropbox (5.5MB PDF))
Amy discussed image capture, including for the King James Bible exhibit and glass slides.
Marcus Ladd, special collections librarian, Miami University.
"This Could Take a While - Reflections after the first year of a student-aided digitization project." (Slides or Download from Dropbox (2MB PDF))
The Bowden Postcard Collection contains a "staggering 480,000 postcards, spanning the entire 20th century and the entire globe." The project already has 1700 postcards online and plans are to continue work for decades to come. An interesting blend of short- and long-term planning are required.
Host: Lily Birkhimer, Ohio Historical Society.
Site: Ohio Historical Center, 3rd Floor Classroom, Columbus.

FEBRUARY 18, 2014 (rescheduled from January 29). (Brief notes (PDF))
Program: Lessons Learned While Migrating.
Alan Boyd, associate director of Libraries, Oberlin College. "Many hands making lighter work: the Five Colleges of Ohio DRC migration." (Slides (PDF)) Having invested in significant collaborations within the context of the OhioLINK Digital Resource Commons, the Five Colleges of Ohio continue to work together for the future.
Andrew Harris, metadata librarian, Digital Services, Wright State University Libraries. "From DSpace to Digital Commons: A Guide to Migrating your Digital Assets." (Slides (PDF)) Andrew will discuss the process of assessing, organizing, and migrating a diverse collection of digital media from our original DSpace-based institutional repository to our current Digital Commons instance.
Keith Manecke, manager of Cataloging and Registration, Ohio Historical Society. "The Long and Winding Migration: Five Lessons Learned at the Ohio Historical Society." (Slides (PDF)) Since 2012, OHS has been migrating library, archives, and museum collections data out of a single integrated library system. The new management system includes separate modules for different types of collections and increased functionality for managing and displaying digital content. Hear about the challenges encountered and the biggest lessons learned during this large-scale migration project.
Host: Shannon Kupfer, State Library of Ohio / Moderator: Jane Wildermuth, Wright State University
Site: State Library of Ohio, Columbus, OH 43201

NOVEMBER 14, 2013, 10 AM-1 PM
Program: Newspaper Digitization (Brief notes (PDF))
Speakers: Jenni Salamon & Kevin Latta of the National Digital Newspaper Project in Ohio on "The Basics of Newspaper Digitization." (Slides (PDF)) Jenni & Kevin will discuss the technical aspects of digitizing newspapers including content selection and current archival standards and best practices.
Laurie Gemmill Arp of the LYRASIS Digitization Collaborative on "Working with Vendors on Newspaper Digitization." (Slides (PDF)) Laurie will discuss working with vendors, focusing on what you and the vendor need to know to make a productive project.
Host: Jillian Carney and Lily Birkhimer, Ohio Historical Society.
Site: Ohio Historical Center, 3rd Floor Classroom, Columbus, Ohio.

1ST QUARTER - APRIL 3, 2009.  
Program: Extreme Makeover: A User-Centered Redesign of the Worthington Libraries Web Site.
Library Web sites must serve a wide variety of audiences who seek to accomplish many different tasks. This presentation will outline the comprehensive, user-centered process used by Worthington Libraries to complete the recent redesign of our Worthington Public Library Web site. Learn how we used familiar methods, such as focus group discussions, surveys, and user testing, and less used approaches, such as card-sorting exercises and sticky-note sessions to gather feedback from members of our community and from library staff regarding their expectations of the library’s Web site. Find out how we incorporated the extensive feedback we gathered to deliver a usable new Web site and dynamic online presence.
Speaker: Kara Reuter, Digital Library Manager, @ Worthington Public Library.
Host: Susan Allen.
Site: Northwest Library.

3RD QUARTER - JULY 29, 2008, 11:15 AM–1 PM.
Program: Shareable Metadata (link to presentation) and Brief notes (PDF))
Speaker: Melanie Schlosser, Metadata Librarian, Scholarly Resources Integration Department, The Ohio State University.
Host: Melanie Schlosser, OSU.
Site: Ackerman Library, Second floor, Rm 5826, The Ohio State University Libraries, 600 Ackerman Rd, Columbus, Ohio.

2ND QUARTER 2008, No meeting held

1ST QUARTER - MARCH 28, 2008, 11:15 AM–1 PM.
Program: Intro to OhioLINK's New EAD Finding Aid Creation Tool (Slides (PDF))
Speaker: Cara Gilgenbach, head of Special Collections at Kent State University Libraries, and chair of the OhioLINK EAD Task Force.
Cara will provide a basic demonstration of the newly developed EAD Finding Aid Creation Tool. This tool allows for the creation of EAD finding aids without any knowledge of EAD/xml tagging. She will also briefly show the OhioLINK Finding Aid Repository that will bring together in one location EAD finding aids submitted by Ohio cultural heritage institutions such as colleges, universities, historical societies, public and special libraries, and museums.
Host: Roman Panchysyn, OHIONET.
Site: OHIONET, 1500 W Lane Ave, Columbus, Ohio

Program: "Moving Image Digitization for the Small Shop" (Slides (PDF))
Speakers: Matt and Nikki Swift, NicoletteCinemgraphics; MLIS Dec. '07, Kent State University School of Library and Information Science, Columbus
Host: Angela O'Neal, Ohio Historical Society.
Site: Ohio Historical Center, Classroom 1&2, 1982 Velma Ave, Columbus, Ohio.

Program: The Ohio State University's Institutional Repository: How Policy Informs Practice (link to presentation and Brief notes (PDF))
Speakers: Maureen Walsh, Metadata Librarian/Assistant Professor and Tschera Connell, Dept. Head/Associate Professor, both from the Scholarly Resources Integration Department, OSU
Host: Tschera Connell.
Site: Ackerman Library, Second floor, Rm 5826, The Ohio State University Libraries, 600 Ackerman Rd, Columbus, Ohio.

SPRING - MAY 11, 2007
Program: Business Planning and Sustainability for Digital Projects (Brief notes (PDF), and Resource list (PDF)
Speaker: Laurie Gemmill, OCLC
Host: Laurie Gemmill
Site: Kilgour Building, OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. , 6565 Kilgour Place (formerly Frantz Rd), Dublin, Ohio 43017-3395

RESCHEDULED due to bad weather: WINTER   Tuesday, February 13, 2007.

FALL - NOVEMBER 14, 2006.
Program: Capture and Cataloging of Digitized Ohio Government Documents in the Content Cooperative (Brief notes (PDF), and slides (PDF) from a similar presentation elsewhere (512k))
The State Library is a participant in OCLC's Content Cooperative Pilot Project, which allows you to upload files from your computer. The State Library is also an original member of OCLC's Digital Archive, which allows for archiving of documents on the Web. Objects archived either way are available through our online catalog or through Open WorldCat.
Speaker: Kathy Hughes and Nicole Merriman, State Library of Ohio
Host: Kathy Hughes, State Library of Ohio
Site: State Library of Ohio, 274 E. First Ave., Suite 100, Columbus, OH 43201

SUMMER - AUGUST 8, 2006, 11:15-1 PM.
Program: Outreach Fever: from Blogs to County Fairs (Brief notes (PDF))
Speaker: Bill Barrow, Cleveland Memory
Host: Roman Panchysyn, OHIONET.
Site: OHIONET, 1500 W Lane Ave, Columbus, Ohio

SPRING - MAY 9, 2006.
Program: Using Greenstone Open-Source Digital Library Software at a Cultural Heritage Institution (slides (PDF) (1.2 MB))
Speaker: Mary Manning & Eric Schnell, Medical Heritage Center
Host: Mary Manning, Archivist, Medical Heritage Center
Site: 5th floor, Medical Heritage Center, Prior Health Sciences Library, Ohio State University, 376 W 10th Ave, Columbus, Ohio.

FEBRUARY 14, 2006.
Program: Digitizing Historic Newspapers (slides (PDF) (1.4 MB); resource list (4 kb PDF); and brief notes (PDF))
Speaker: Phil Sager, Digital Projects Developer, Ohio Historical Society Archives/Library
Host: Angela O'Neal, Digital Projects and Reproduction Services Manager, Ohio Historical Society Archives/Library
Site: Ohio Historical Center, Columbus, Ohio

NOVEMBER 14, 2005.
Program: Showcase Worthington Memory (brief notes (PDF))
Speaker: Susan Allen, Digital Library Leader, & Stefan Langer, Webmaster, Old Worthington Library
Lunch: Brown bag
Host: Susan Allen, Old Worthington Library
Site: Old Worthington Library, Worthington, Ohio

SEPTEMBER 7, 2005.
Program: Access, Preservation, and Interchange: Digital Imaging with JPEG 2000 (slides, Web version and brief notes (PDF))
Speaker: Peter Murray, Assistant Director, Multimedia Systems, OhioLINK, Columbus
Lunch: Available for purchase onsite
Host: Laurie Gemmill, Digital Projects Specialist, OCLC
Site: Kilgour Auditorium, OCLC, Dublin, Ohio

JULY 2005.
Program: Inaugural Meeting (as Columbus DIG)
Speaker: Susan Allen, Digital Library Leader, Old Worthington Library;   Laurie Gemmill, Digital Projects Specialist, OCLC;   Mary Manning, Archivist, Medical Heritage Center;   Angela O'Neal, Digital Projects Manager, Ohio Historical Society Archives/Library
Host: Laurie Gemmill, Digital Projects Specialist, OCLC
Site: Kilgour Auditorium, OCLC, Dublin, Ohio


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