Ohio Digitization Registry Project (2020)

“The State Library of Ohio conducted a voluntary digital survey of all cultural heritage institutions in the state to ascertain the level of institutional involvement and interest in digitization, digital collections, and digital preservation work. The survey was built in Microsoft Forms and shared through email Listservs. It was open for responses from November 5, 2020 through December 31, 2020. Identifying information such as institution and contact names was recorded but the data shared publicly has been anonymized.

104 institutions responded to the survey, the majority of which were public libraries of varying size. We were happy to see a range of other institutions too, including museums, archives, historical societies, and academic and special libraries.”

-from the Introduction of State Library of Ohio 2020 Digital Collections Survey Report

The sections of this report related to equipment and software in active use in Ohio for digitization activities have been utilized to understand what current needs exist for LAM organizations and how OhioDIG can help address those needs. One strategy is to share workflows using specific equipment and software found to be in active use so that those working in the field can learn from each other. Below you will find the anonymous data related to digitization hardware and software in Ohio collected in the 2020 survey, as well as documented workflows in use at various organizations. We invite folks engaged in digitization in Ohio to contribute their own documented workflows on how they are conducting this work so that others might benefit from that experience. Please reach out to the page maintainer documented in the footer of this website for contact information should you be interested.

2020 Survey Results of Digitization Hardware and Software in Ohio

Digitization hardware and equipment utilized in Ohio in 2020

Digitization related software utilized in Ohio in 2020

Digitization Workflows

Digitizing Materials on Flatbed Scanners Utilizing EPSON Scan: Documentation on how to set up the many parameters available in the EPSON Scan Professional Mode with discussion on different formats and specifications.

Scanning using Opus FreeFlow: Instructions for how to use the Opus FreeFlow software in conjunction with a Bookeye scanner including instructions on how to orient materials and work with the resulting images with many screenshots.

Using Adobe Bridge and Photoshop to Process Files: A variety of workflows for Adobe Bridge and Photoshop including using Bridge as an advanced file explorer, a bulk file-renaming utility, a tool to merge two images together, an image processing tool to transform batches of images, and more.

State Library Reports

2020 Digital Collections Survey Report, State Library of Ohio

2015 Ohio Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) Survey Report, State Library of Ohio

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