OhioDIG, the Ohio digitization interest group for archivists, librarians, and others interested in cultural heritage materials, meets every other month in the central Ohio area for presentations and networking. NOTE: During the COVID-19 pandemic meetings pivoted to virtual. Beginning in May 2023 OD adopted a schedule of in-person (May, Jul, Sep) & virtual formats (Nov, Jan, Mar).

There is no membership fee and no charge to attend meetings but we do accept donations for the refreshment kitty (for in-person meetings). All are welcome! Upcoming meetings are announced (and registration form shared) through the OhioDIG Listserv. For more information on a specific meeting, contact that meeting’s host or the OhioDIG Planning Group members.

General Meeting Agenda for VIRTUAL Meetings (Nov, Jan, Mar)
— 10:30 am-11:30 am: Presentation & discussion
— 11:30 am-11:35 am: Break
— 11:35 am-12:30-ish pm: Announcements, all-attendee updates, discussion

General Meeting Agenda for IN-PERSON Meetings (May, Jul, Sep)
— 10:00 am-10:30 am: Coffee & snack social
— 10:30 am-11:30 am: Presentation & discussion
— 11:30 am-11:45 am: Break/rearrange room
— 11:45 am-1:00 pm: Brown bag lunch: announcements, all-attendee updates, discussion
— 1:15pm-: Optional tours, small group discussions (user groups, birds of a feather)

Always looking for volunteer presenters and hosts! Contact Janet Carleton (carleton -at- ohio.edu).

Upcoming Meetings

    • July 16, 2024 – in person – Talking ’bout Vendors: Case stories about vendor experiences – State Library of Ohio (Columbus) Register to attend
    • September 30, 2024 – in person “Field Trip” – Topic: Marketing/Northwest Cultural Heritage Group Passport – Tiffin-Seneca County Public Library (Tiffin, NW Ohio)
    • November TBD, 2024 – virtual – Topic: TBD
    • January TBD, 2025 – virtual – Topic: TBD
    • March TBD, 2025 – virtual – Topic: TBD
    • May TBD, 2025 – in person – Topic: TBD

July 16, 2024 | In-person | Talking ’bout Vendors: Case stories about vendor experiences
Register to attend
Description: In our work with digitization and digital preservation, most of us use vendors for various pieces of the process-ranging from purchasing equipment, outsourcing the capture and metadata/OCR/transcription, cloud storage platforms, to discovery platforms, and more.

For this meeting we are seeking folks for lightning talks about a vendor experience, then we will break into small discussion groups focused on different types of vendor products.

Programming contacts: Janet Carleton (carleton@ohio.edu) Ohio University, Sidney Gao (gaosy@ucmail.uc.edu) University of Cincinnati, & Brenda Foster (bfoster@ccad.edu) Columbus College of Art and Design
Host/Location: State Library of Ohio
Date & Time: Tuesday, July 16th 10:30am-12:30pm-ish
Cost: FREE. Thank you to the institutions who host us, our volunteer speakers, and program committee!


Past Meetings

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May 21, 2024 | In-person | Your Wish is Granted!: Digitization Grants in Ohio
Description: Looking for a way to fund your next digitization project? Join us at the Ohio History Connection for the first in-person OhioDIG meeting of 2024 to learn about some of the grants available for your institution. Representatives from the Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board and the State Library of Ohio will discuss grants they offer, and we will also hear a first-hand account of one institution’s experiences with applying for and receiving grants. (See also: OhioDIG grants resource page.)
– OHRAB Grants. Tina Ratcliff, chair, Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board, and Montgomery County Records & Information manager, Montgomery County Records Center & Archives. (Slides (PDF))
– LSTA Grants. Jeff Regensburger, library consultant–LSTA coordinator, State Library of Ohio. (Slides (PDF))
– Grants Case Study. Shelby Beatty, archivist/records manager, Sinclair College. (Slides (PDF))
Program Contacts: Ashely Rodriguez (arodriguez@ohiohistory.org), Ohio History Connection & Emily Rinaman (rinamaem@tiffinsenecalibrary.org), Tiffin-Seneca Public Library

March 7, 2024 | Virtual | GIS Data in Digitization | Meeting Recording
This meeting will feature three presentations on GIS issues. These include: Finding free data visualization tools ranging from basic to advanced, as well as resources for working with location data and historical maps; cataloging GIS data sets; and a presentation about the collaborative project, Engaging Columbus.
– Cataloging GIS Data Sets. Sylvia Halladay, librarian, Ohio Geological Survey, Department of Natural Resources. Finding data sets is important, and it is something that a library catalog can help with. Hear about how OGS approaches this task. (Slides (PDF))
– Mapping Digital Collections: An Overview of Free Tools. Erin Wilson, digital imaging specialist & lab manager, Mahn Center for Archives and Special Collections, Preservation & Digital Initiatives, Ohio University Libraries. Mapping technologies allow us to visualize information, observe patterns, tell stories, and explore collections in novel ways. This presentation will provide an overview of free tools ranging from basic to advanced, as well as resources for working with location data and historical maps. (Slides (PDF))
– Engaging Columbus. John Krygier, professor of Environment and Sustainability, Ohio Wesleyan University. John is a geographer with specializations in cartography, geographic information systems (GIS), and environmental and human geography, and has developed the project Engaging Columbus, which provides resources to address the question “How can we think and learn about urban places” among others. (Slides (PDF))

January 23,  2024 | Virtual  | Ethics in Digitization
(not recorded)
– “I’m an archivist, not a therapist: Providing research participants access to sensitive records.” Lizette Barton, Records and Reference Services Manager, Cummings Center for the History of Psychology, University of Akron. Psychologist Dr. Sylvia Brody (1914-2021) conducted one of the most well-known, longitudinal studies on mother-child interaction and attachment in psychology’s history. Her eighteen-year project followed mothers and children from birth through adolescence. A request for records from a participant trying to make sense of their childhood and relationship with their now deceased mother made us face the reality that restrictions, privacy, and access policies likely need to be fluid and flexible in order to best serve certain patrons. (Slides (PDF))
– “Ethical Issues in LGBTIA+ Archives: The Dinah Files.” Clarity Amrein and Nancy Yerian, Ohio Lesbian Archives and Cincinnati Public Library. This presentation will walk viewers through the digitization of a lesbian community newsletter, Dinah, and the ethical challenges that arose in the process. Conversations between the Ohio Lesbian Archives, the Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library, and individual creators discuss approaches and solutions. (Slides (PDF))
– “Looking through a one-way window: The use of medical photographs in exhibits. Jennifer K. Nieves, Archivist/Museum Registrar, Dittrick Medical History Center. The Dittrick Medical History Center at Case Western Reserve University has a sizeable collection of images captured while the Lakeside Unit of Cleveland, a WWI medical unit directed by Cleveland Clinic founder George W. Crile. While we are a medical museum and one might expect images such as these to be put on public view, is this a proper use of the materials? Did the subjects of these photographs consent to their use in a medical setting, much less by a lay audience? (Slides (PDF)) Note: Graphic images of injuries and those of sick children have been removed from these shared slides. See contact information in the slides to request full version.

November 6, 2023 | VIRTUAL | ILEAD Ohio teams on “Digital Community Archiving” & “Digital Collections Literacy” | Meeting Recording
ILEAD Ohio is made possible by the State Library of Ohio and OhioNET with federal funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. ILEAD Ohio helps develop present and future Ohio library leaders, no matter their position or title through a team-based, problem-solving project. The goal of ILEAD Ohio is to support participants in addressing professional and/or community needs through the exploration and application of modern communication, technology, and collaborative tools and skills. Presenters shared their 2023 ILEAD projects, developed over much of 2023, including in person conferences in April, July, and October.
“Digital Community Archiving.” Amber Bales (OSU), Brenda Foster (CCAD), Janet Rhodes (TLCPL), Alia Levar Wegner (Miami), and Nick Pavlik (BGSU) will share their ILEAD project Learning to Listen: Rethinking the Approach to Community Archiving, and experience. The goal of their project is to illustrate that community archiving begins with listening and that community members should guide the process of archiving their stories, materials, and histories. (Slides (PDF))
“Digital Collections Literacy.” Ginnie Dressler (KSU), Grace Freeman (CML), Cari Hillman (MidPointe), Jenni Salamon (OHC), and Adam Wanter (MidPointe) will share their ILEAD project, finddigitalohio.org, and experience. Their project relates to issues around awareness of digital collections, marketing and promotion, and outreach. (Slides (PDF))

September 13, 2023 | In-person | Accessibility in Digital Collections
“Making Archives Accessible.” Michelle Ganz, director of Archives, Dominican Sisters of Peace.
Ganz will discuss easy ways to make archival materials accessible to users and potential users as well as archival workers. We will discuss steps to take to ensure that websites and online exhibits are accessible and why accessibility is an important component of a digitization program.
“Image Accessibility for Digitized Cultural Heritage Collections.” Sidney Gao, digital collections manager, University of Cincinnati Libraries. (slides (PDF))
Learn how to enhance the accessibility of image-based digital collections by writing good, descriptive alternate-text (alt-text) and image descriptions. While this talk will focus on digitized cultural heritage collections, the principles can be applied to images in many use cases.
—  “Ohio State’s Digital Content Accessibility Workflow Taskforce.” Joey Schulte, digital accessibility and licensing analyst, The Ohio State University Libraries. (slides (PDF))
In July 2022, Ohio State University Libraries created a Taskforce to take stock of the current state of its digital accessibility efforts in relation to the content it stewards across all units in the library. The Taskforce then made recommendations on how to comply with Ohio State’s Digital Accessibility Policy (PDF).
Tours: Brief tour of the Dominican Sisters of Peace Archive. This will be OhioDIG’s first visit to the archival space of the Dominican Sisters of Peace. Includes a short walk from the meeting space to the archives. https://oppeace.org/

July 17, 2023 | In-person | Descriptive Metadata for Digital Objects
Fundamentals of Dublin Core Metadata. Annamarie Klose, metadata initiatives librarian, Ohio State University Libraries.This main presentation will take the form of a “how to” with real world examples. It will cover the DC elements, how each field is used and provides flexibility, and how it is interpreted differently by different institutions. [SLIDES (PDF)]
EDI in OSUL Digital Collections: A Pilot Project on Metadata Remediation. Alexis Fintel, metadata specialist, Ohio State University Libraries. This short presentation will outline a pilot project conducted by Metadata Initiatives staff members where a sampling of metadata in the Digital Collections was reviewed with respect to EDI concerns as we explored what respectful remediation may look like. It covers the results of the pilot project, limitations, as well as recommendations for short and long term metadata remediation based on these findings and current literature. [SLIDES (PDF)]
Site: The Ohio State University, Thompson LibraryRoom 150, 1858 Neil Ave,  Mall, Columbus OH 43210Google Map.
– 1. Exhibits self-tour, Thompson Library Gallery (Room 125), “Deathless Fragments” https://library.osu.edu/exhibits/deathless-fragments.  In addition to the exhibit in the gallery, there’s an open area near the gallery full of glass cases with items from various of OSU’s archives and Special Collections. It’s a good way to get an overview of the different kinds of things the library collects.
– 2. Library Tech Center (LTC) tour –Our 1st ever OhioDIG tour of this digitization lab! The Library Tech Center is on West Campus.

May 23, 2023 | In-person | Implementing FADGI Guidelines
Learn about the software, equipment, and tools that Ohio organizations use to meet FADGI standards. FADGI is a collaborative effort started in 2007 by federal agencies to articulate common sustainable practices and guidelines for digitized and born digital historical, archival, and cultural content.
-Matt Carissimi, digitization specialist & Amy McCrory, digitization program manager at The Ohio State University Libraries. Their presentation features a general overview of the goals of the FADGI program (slides (PDF)), followed by some strategies for local implementation. (slides (PDF))
– Naomi Langer, digitization technician, Preservation Services, Case Western Reserve University. (slides (PDF))
– Aaron O’Donovan, special collections supervisor, Columbus Metropolitan Library. Aaron will give a brief overview of FADGI implementation at CML, which will be further expanded on during the optional tour. 
Site: Columbus Metropolitan Library
OhioDIG  contacts: Nicole Sutton and Penelope Shumaker

March 21, 2023 | VIRTUAL| Managing and Providing Access to Community-Generated Digital Content | Zoom recording
Managing digital materials created within specific community contexts is an area of increasing interest and research within the cultural heritage sector and presents both myriad challenges and exciting opportunities. This program will feature two presentations showcasing exciting projects underway at the Ohio History Connection and the Columbus Metropolitan Library to collect and facilitate access to community-generated digital content. Presenters will touch upon the overall aims of their projects, particular workflows and processes involved, and lessons learned as they look to continue their projects into the future.
-Jenni Salamon, Digital Services Manager, Ohio History Connection. The Gay Ohio History Initiative at the Ohio History Connection. Jenni Salamon will discuss the Gay Ohio History Initiative (GOHI) Community Collection. Originally funded through a National Endowment for the Humanities Common Heritage grant, this digital collection contains about 50 items documenting Ohio’s LGBTQ+ history that were contributed by members of the public. Jenni will share the history of the project, how they collected the digital images and metadata for Ohio Memory, and lessons learned from and next steps for this effort (slides (PDF)).
-Grace Freeman and Eugene Rutigliano, Librarians, Local History & Genealogy, Columbus Metropolitan Library. Community Oral History Initiative at Columbus Metropolitan Library. Based on discussions with branch library staff, Columbus Metropolitan Library’s Local History & Genealogy division is developing a process for collecting and publishing oral histories shared by customers all over the city. Grace and Eugene will share the documentation they have created in collaboration with branch staff and discuss how these materials are being processed and published through the library’s digital collection, My History (slides (PDF)).
Site: Virtual via Zoom
OhioDIG  contacts: Nick Pavlik and Penelope Shumaker

January 23, 2023 | VIRTUAL| Digital Storage Options | Zoom recording
As cultural heritage institutions digitize more and more historical, fragile and unique items, how do we keep up with making room not just in our physical spaces but also our digital spaces? It’s important for cultural heritage institutions to be mindful of the digital storage policies (or lack of) they create and practice. This program will cover the digital storage preservation standards some of our members are applying to their long-term plans for preservation.
-Michelle Ganz, Director of Archives, The Dominican Sisters of Peace Archives. Digital Storage Solutions for a Complicated Problem. Ganz hired 2 professional archivists in April 2022 and immediately began to assess and address digital storage needs. The Dominican Sisters of Peace are now in the process of installing solutions and therefore, bring a very current perspective on the issue of digital storage. (slides (PDF))
-Susan Hernandez, Digital Archivist and Systems Librarian, Cleveland Museum of Art. DVDs and the Test of Time: Transferring Master Scans From Removable Media. Hernandez will discuss transferring master scans off the DVDs where they were stored since 2008 and share data on the number of images that were lost due to degradation and other issues in the ensuing 14 years. (slides (PDF))
-Janet Carleton, Digital Initiatives Coordinator, Ohio University Libraries & Hannah Wang, Community Facilitator, MetaArchive Cooperative, Educopia Institute. MetaArchive Cooperative. Wang will give an overview of MetaArchive–formed in 2004 and dedicated to sustainable digital preservation through community collaboration (slides (PDF)). Carleton will discuss OU’s experience with and implementation of the MetaArchive digital preservation network. (slides (PDF))
Site: Virtual via Zoom
OhioDIG contacts: Emily Rinaman & Susan Hernandez

November 30, 2022 | VIRTUAL | Creative Digitization
Join us to hear our speakers on their digitization projects–both creative in different ways!
– Amber Bales, Digitization Services Specialist & Mero Pearson, Luminary Student 2022-2023, Miami University. Photogrammetry Pilot Project. A photogrammetry collection is a current aspiration of the Miami University Digital Collections team. During a one-month sprint approach, Mero Pearson, an OhioLINK Luminaries Program student at the Miami Libraries, was challenged to work with the department to create a mini photogrammetry collection in CONTENTdm as a pilot project. This presentation will cover the work and learning outcomes of that effort.
–  Andria Hoy, Archivist, The Cleveland Orchestra. Accessing Our History: The Cleveland Orchestra Program Digitization Project. A pillar of the music and arts community in Cleveland and famous around the globe, The Cleveland Orchestra recently finished digitizing their concert programs. Spanning more than 100 years and encompassing more than 180,000 pages of material, learn how a small archive managed to organize, fund, and finally accomplish having their history digitized and at their fingertips.
Site:  VIRTUAL via Zoom
OhioDIG contacts:
Alia Levar Wegner (wegnera3@miamioh.edu) & Nick Pavlik (npavlik@bgsu.edu)

September 2022 | VIRTUAL | An Ohio DigiHubs Update | Meeting recording
Description: Join representatives from the four DigiHubs to learn more about how each organization serves their community. DigiHubs staff will share what equipment they have, the types of materials they can digitize, and their processes for public use.
-Chatham Ewing: Digital Library Strategist, Cleveland Public Library (slides (PDF))
-Katrina Marshall, Digital Services Supervisor and Larry Richmond, Genealogy & Local History Manager, Cincinnati Hamilton County Public Library (slides (PDF))
-Angela O’Neal: Manager, Local History & Genealogy, Columbus Metropolitan Library (slides (PDF))
-Janet Rhodes: Digitization Services Supervisor, Toledo Lucas County Public Library (slides (PDF))
OhioDIG contacts:
Kristen Newby & Nicole Sutton

July 2022 | VIRTUAL | Digital Collections Copyright Resources Q&A (not recorded)
Description: Got copyright questions? We may not have yes-or-no answers, guarantees, or legal advice, but we certainly can talk about it! Bring your copyright scenarios, standardized rights statements hang-ups, and other questions such to this session, and together we can cut some monsters down to size. Together with an understanding of U.S. copyright law, tools such as codes of best practices and UC Berkeley Library’s Responsible Access Workflows can help us with troublesome decision-making and risk assessment to enhance our digital collections. (slides and links (PDF))
Cindy Kristof, Head of Copyright & Scholarly Communication, Kent State University
OhioDIG contacts:
Sidney Gao & Adam Wanter

May 24, 2022 | VIRTUAL | Project Management & Workflow Tools for Digitization | Meeting recording
-Sara Collier, Digitization-Conservation Project Manager, Ohio State University: Microsoft Teams ecosystem (slides (PDF))
-Sidney Gao, Digital Collections Manager, University of Cincinnati Libraries: Trello (slides (PDF))
-Megan Sheeran, Librarian, Local History & Genealogy, Columbus Metropolitan Library: Smartsheet (slides (PDF))
Site: Virtual, Microsoft Teams
OhioDIG contacts: Janet Carleton & Susan Hernandez
Featured update from Emily Rinaman: The Northwest Ohio Cultural Heritage Group (NWOCHG)‘s Passport has launched! NWOCHG, formed in 2019, is a collaborative group of archives, museums, public and private libraries, historical societies and other cultural heritage institutions in NW Ohio. It has just created its first project–a passport book featuring more than 50 cultural heritage institutions throughout 19 counties of Northwest Ohio.

March 30, 2022 | VIRTUAL | Digital Collections Outreach to K-12 | Meeting recording
-Traci Manning, Curator of Education, Mahoning Valley Historical Society, Connecting History to the Classroom: How can historians and museum educators connect their stories with students and teachers? One of the most effective ways to introduce students to these stories is through outreach programs presented in a classroom setting or at a historic site or museum. Participants will explore ways to build relationships with schools and teachers in the hopes of fostering a learning environment where students can explore history in ways that impact their daily lives. Techniques for creating, presenting, and evaluating these types of programs will also be offered. (slides (PDF))
– Samantha Rubino, Unit Manager & State Coordinator, Ohio History Day, Ohio History Connection, Education Outreach Tips for Grades 4-12: Hear a brief education update, including an overview of Ohio History Day, from the Ohio History Connection’s School & Teacher Support Department. Get tips for helping students and teachers find and conduct research with your digital collections. (slides (PDF))
-Jen Johnson, Library Consultant and Ohio Digital Network Project Coordinator, State Library of Ohio, Homegrown Primary Source Sets: It’s easier than you think: Ohio Digital Network’s Outreach Working Group created 8 Primary Source Sets for K-12 educators, sharing the workload and building a system to accommodate future growth. Jen Johnson from ODN will highlight the work done by Outreach Working Group members and detail the workflow processes and lessons learned in this brief presentation. (slides (PDF))
Site: VIRTUAL – hosted by Kent State University
OhioDIG contacts: Virginia Dressler and Emily Rinaman

January 19, 2022 | VIRTUAL | Working with Digitization Vendors 
Presenters shared experiences working with digitization vendors on a variety of projects, including AV, VHS, and more! Also experiences, opinions, and workflows regarding outsourcing small and/or large digitization projects
– Eleanor Blackman, special collections archivist, Case Western University. Everything is Subject to Change: Outsourcing Digitization of the Cleveland Performance Art Festival Recordings, 1989-1999.
Since acquiring the Cleveland Performance Art Festival Archive in 2015, the Kelvin Smith Library Special Collections has been committed to the preservation/digitization of ten years’ worth of festival recordings (primarily VHS.) This presentation provides an overview of the digitization project involving these recordings and offers a unique look at creating and maintaining a long term vendor relationship as well as a sustainable, accessible product. (slides (PDF))
– Virginia Dressler, digital projects librarian & Haley Antell, digital initiatives and outreach librarian, Kent State University. Vendor Digitization Workflows: Outsourcing Digital Capture of Periodicals, Newspaper and Audiovisual Materials. Presentation reflects on their experience and briefly discusses workflows for three vendor digitization projects: an AV project to digitize 400 AV items, a student newspaper project, and a periodical project to capture 50 years of a student publication. (slides (PDF))
Site: VIRTUAL – hosted by Nick Pavlik, Bowling Green Archives & Special Collections
OhioDIG Contacts: Sidney Gao, Nick Pavlik, and Emily Rinaman
Tours: Check out virtual tours of cultural heritage institutions across Ohio on the OhioDIG Virtual Tours page!

November 15, 2021 | VIRTUAL | Digitization Equipment Roundtable Discussion
Looking to purchase new digitization equipment, but feeling overwhelmed with the choices? Have questions about improving your current digitization technology or outsourcing your digitization projects to a vendor? Ask your questions and share your experiences in a casual roundtable discussion using Zoom breakout rooms about three different types of digitization equipment: camera/copy stands, flatbed scanners, and audio/video digitization (in-house & outsourced).
Breakout rooms: 1.) Camera/Copy Stands (Jamboard (PDF)). Moderator: Emily Rinaman. Expert: Sidney Gao, digital imaging coordinator, University of Cincinnati Libraries; 2.) Flatbed Scanners (Jamboard (PDF)). Moderator: Alia Wegner. Expert: Aaron O’Donovan, special collections supervisor, Columbus Metropolitan Library; 3.) Audio/Video (in-house & outsourced) (Jamboard (PDF)). Moderator: Adam Wanter. Expert: Karen Gracy, professor, Kent State University School of Information

September 2021 | VIRTUAL | Reparative Description – Part II: A Discussion
This meeting consisted of group discussions of 3 articles related to reparative description in digitization and/or digital collections. Two moderators will be heading each of three separate breakout rooms for two rounds of discussion. Articles discussed include:
– Article 1: “Digitizing and Enhancing Description Across Collections to Make African American Materials More Discoverable on Umbra Search African American History,” by Dorothy Berry
– Article 2: “Description as an Art and a Craft,” by Kayla Heslin
– Article 3: “Diversity, equity, and inclusion in metadata practices: the example of Jo Mora’s ‘Indians of North America’,” by Stephanie Luke and Kathryn Slover
Site: VIRTUAL – hosted by Columbus Metro Library, Local History & Genealogy
Host: Adam Wanter, MidPointe Library System; OhioDIG Contacts: Adam Wanter & Sidney Gao
Tours: Check out virtual tours of cultural heritage institutions across Ohio on the OhioDIG Virtual Tours page!

July 21, 2021 | VIRTUAL | Reparative Description | Meeting recording
– Miriam Nelson, director of Mahn Center for Archives and Special Collections, Preservation, and Digital Initiatives, Ohio University Libraries. Ohio University Libraries has been engaged in planning for implementing reparative description practices. Efforts include adding a reading and discussion to each unit meeting, drafting policies and statements for harmful language and related topics, and developing workflows. (Slides (PDF))
– Kieran Robertson, curator of Manuscripts, Ohio History Connection. This presentation will focus mainly on telling the story of what has happened at OHC in regards to implementing new LGBTQ vocabularies. The presentation will focus on our work flow, including strategies that have been both successful and unsuccessful. (Slides (PDF))
– Alia Wegner, digital collections librarian, Walter Havighurst Special Collections & University Archives, Miami University. This presentation will discuss a pilot program at the Miami University Digital Collections to substitute sensitive content label thumbnails in the browsing display for materials that contain graphically racist, violent, and culturally insensitive content.
Site: VIRTUAL – hosted by Ohio History Connection
OhioDIG Contacts: Janet Carleton & Kristen Newby

May 27, 2021 | VIRTUAL | Digitization Showcase
– John Dewees, supervisor Digitization Services, Local History and Genealogy, Toledo Lucas County Public Library. Increasing Access to Materials through the Wikimedia Foundation and DPLA.
– Susan Hernandez, digital archivist and systems librarian, Cleveland Museum of Art. Fine Arts Garden Correspondence.
– Libby Hertenstein, associate professor, cataloger & metadata librarian, Bowling Green University. Highlighting Artist’s Books in the Digital Environment with Omeka S.
Site: VIRTUAL – hosted by Toledo Lucas county Public Library
OhioDIG Contacts: Penelope Shumaker, Nicole Sutton

March 22, 2021 | VIRTUAL | Grant Funding Opportunities for Digitization in Ohio | Meeting recordingZoom chat log
– Andy Verhoff, Ohio History Connection, Ohio History Fund & outreach manager: Andy Verhoff is currently the Ohio History Fund & Outreach Manager for its State Historic Preservation Office. While a member of the Ohio History Connection’s Local History Services department, he helped launch the Ohio History Fund in 2012. (Handout (PDF))
– Betsy Hedler, Ohio Local History Alliance, executive secretary: Dr. Betsy Hedler is Team Lead, AmeriCorps and Partnerships in the Local History Services Department at the Ohio History Connection. (Slides (PDF))
– Cindy Boyden, State Library of Ohio, library consultant – LSTA: Cindy has been the LSTA Grant Coordinator at the State Library of Ohio since December of 2015. (Slides (PDF))
– David Merkowitz, Ohio Humanities, assistant director: David Merkowitz, PhD is the Assistant Director of Ohio Humanities. David is currently the program officer in charge of all of the Ohio Humanities grants. (Slides (PDF))
– Virginia Dressler, Kent State University, digital projects librarian: Virginia Dressler is the Digital Projects Librarian at Kent State University and coordinates digital initiatives at University Libraries. She is also an OHRAB board member. (Slides (PDF))
Site: VIRTUAL – hosted by Toledo Lucas County Public Library
OhioDIG Contacts: John Dewees, Sidney Gao, and Nicole Sutton

January 12, 2021 | VIRTUAL | Crowdsourcing in the Time of COVID-19 | Zoom Chat Transcript
– Erin Wilson, digital imaging specialist and lab manager, Ohio University Libraries: This presentation shares Erin’s exploration of the web survey as a means of internal collaboration and a tool for engagement. Projects have included a crowdsourced campus map, transcription and geolocation of a local history collection, and other efforts to engage library staff and students in content description. Erin describes methods of data collection including Google Forms, ArcGIS Survey123, and FromThePage, as well as strategies for managing data once collected. (Slides (PDF))
Site: VIRTUAL – hosted by Ohio History Connection
OhioDIG Contacts: Kristen Newby & Penelope Shumaker

November 18, 2020 | VIRTUAL | Advocating for Digitization Resources
– Angela O’Neal, Columbus Metropolitan Library, manager, Local History & Genealogy: Angela will share how CML doubled its digital collections staffing, increased supply and equipment budgets and developed a comprehensive digital collection program since she started in 2013. She will also discuss how to develop a long-term goal and then advocate for staffing, equipment and resources.
– Tressa Graves, former AV assessment & process assistant at Ohio State University and Amy McCrory, Ohio State University, digitization program manager: Tressa and Amy will discuss how OSU Libraries advocated for a full time, dedicated audiovisual assessment professional to help the organization understand the extent and nature of OSU’s holdings and make informed decisions about selecting items for digitization. A project based, term appointment was created to fulfill the role. This presentation will consider if a project is really a project, and the limitations of term employment, along with the successes achieved during the three-year term. Ethical considerations, changes in library department structure, and unforeseen developments will also be addressed.
Site: VIRTUAL – hosted by Case Western Reserve University
OhioDIG Contacts: Stephanie Becker and Sidney Gao

September 23, 2020 | VIRTUAL | Digital Preservation-NDSA Levels Revision and Documentation | Meeting Recording
– Dan Noonan, associate professor and digital preservation librarian, The Ohio State University: Dan Noonan will discuss the revised NSDA Levels of Digital Preservation and will walk through the updated process, explain the revisions to the Matrix, and describe the use of the Assessment Tool. (Slides (PDF))
– Matt McShane, former intern at The Ohio State University, and recent MLIS Kent State University graduate: Matt McShane will provide an outside perspective on Ohio State’s recent review of its digital preservation policy and other related internal documentation, and share how this effort led to analyzing other Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) institutions’ policies to help inform Ohio State’s digital preservation policy framework. (Slides (PDF))
Site: VIRTUAL – hosted by Kent State University Libraries
OhioDIG Contacts: Virginia Dressler & Adam Wanter

July 23, 2020 | VIRTUAL | Leveraging Repositories for Digital Projects (Part 2) | Zoom Chat Log (PDF)
– John Dewees, supervisor Digitization Services, Toledo Lucas County Public Library: John Dewees will discuss ongoing efforts to leverage CONTENTdm, IIIF and Internet Archive APIS to create tools to enable federated search, data visualizations, and automated tasks. (Slides (PDF))
– Virginia Dressler, digital projects librarian, Kent State University: Virginia Dressler will discuss a project that was built from the May 4 oral history digital collection. Mapping May 4 is a subset of this larger collection, with additional geospatial information to provide another layer for browsing and exploration. (Slides (PDF))
– Nick Ver Steegh, Metadata Technologies Librarian, Ohio University: Nick Ver Steegh will discuss the use of open source Data Science tools like Python and JavaScript visualization libraries to analyze and make accessible digital collection metadata as data. (Slides (PDF))
Site: VIRTUAL – hosted by Toledo Lucas County Public Library
OhioDIG Contacts: John Dewees & Stephanie Becker

April 29, 2020 (May) Meeting was CANCELED due to COVID-19.

March 10, 2020 | Digitization Priorities | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers/Program: With limited resources (staff, time, money, equipment, etc.), it’s impossible to digitize all our collections. Speakers from institutions with varying budgets, manpower, and collections will share their ideas and strategies related to determining what collections to digitize.
– Stephanie Becker, digital collections manager, Case Western Reserve University: “Using an Assessment Rubric to Evaluate & Set Digitization Priorities”: Kelvin Smith Library’s Digitization Governance Committee established a rubric for assessing collections in order to determine digitization priorities. Variables on the rubric are given a positive or negative weight value to determine the overall impact on the decision making process. In this presentation, I will discuss the conversations that led to the making of this rubric and demonstrate how we’ve implemented it at KSL. (Slides (PDF))
– Veronica Buchanan, archivist, Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati: “Digitization Initiatives in a Small Archive”: Veronica will discuss prioritizing collections for digitization, the thought process behind and implementation of a recent project completed utilizing volunteers as well as a vendor to commemorate a major milestone of an institution, and the benefits available to Ohio archivists through the Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board grants and Ohio Memory. (Slides (PDF))
– Annamarie Klose, metadata initiatives librarian; Tressa Graves, AV assessment & process assistant; Amy McCrory, digitization program manager, Ohio State University: “Lessons learned: How to have a successful digitization project”: Digitization projects are often affected by limited staffing, time, money, and technological limitations. Even seemingly simple digitization projects can have unforeseen consequences and feel overwhelming. How do you decide which collections or projects are worth doing? This presentation will address planning a successful digitization project, issues to consider, and pitfalls to avoid. (Slides (PDF))
– David Lewis, sound archivist, Bowling Green State University: “A Sound Future: Creating and Using A/V Preservation Inventory Tool”: Beginning in Fall 2018, the Special Collections department at BGSU has created, tested, and begun utilizing an audiovisual inventory tool, both to get a sense of the scope of our audiovisual collections and to prioritize items with high research value and/or preservation problems for digitization. This presentation will detail the process of creating and testing the audiovisual inventory tool, including discussion of other tools and templates for similar projects that are already available, which may be customized for non-AV formats. We’ll also briefly discuss preliminary results of our ongoing survey and next steps. (Slides (PDF); BGSU Audiovisual Preservation Survey (PDF))
Hosts: Kristen Newby & Jenni Salamon, Ohio History Connection
Site: Cardinal Classroom, Ohio History Center (800 E 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211)
Tours: Champion of Sports exhibit

January 22, 2020 | Leveraging Repositories for Digital Projects (Part 1) | Meeting Notes (PDF)
– Phil Sager, Digital Projects Developer, Ohio History Connection: The IIIF framework: what it means for digital repositories and practical examples of how it can be used. (Slides (Google))
–Doug Stout, Veterans Project Coordinator, Licking County Library: In 2014 the Licking County Library began digitizing our county’s veteran history in the online program, In the Company of Heroes, Licking County Veterans. Doug will be sharing how this project opened doors for community engagement to many that had never used the library before.
Host: Jen Johnson, State Library of Ohio
Site: Lucas Room, State Library of Ohio (274 E. First Ave, Columbus, OH 43211)
Tours: State Library of Ohio Digitization center

November 14, 2019 | Digital Preservation Assessment | Meeting Notes (PDF)
– Dan Noonan, Digital Preservation Librarian, Ohio State University: Sharing work on an environmental scan and developing a digital preservation ethos for OSU. (Slides (PDF))
– Mark Bloom, Senior Archives Associate, and Brittany Hayes, Library Cataloging Specialist, University of Akron: Sharing initial steps on a digital preservation policy and program at the University of Akron. (Slides (PDF))
– Naomi Langer, Digitization Assistant, and Stephanie Becker, Institutional Repository Content Manager, Case Western Reserve University: “Image Analysis for Cultural Heritage Digitization.” Using Golden Thread software for FADGI compliance, including using device and object level targets during imaging workflow. (Slides (PDF))
Host: Angela O’Neal, Columbus Metropolitan Library
Site: Dublin Branch, Columbus Metropolitan Library (75 N High St, Dublin, OH 43017)
Tours: NEW Dublin Branch, dedicated in June 2019

September 16, 2019 | DIY Digitization: Patron-accessible Scanning Service Points
Speakers: Jared Bendis, Creative New Media Officer, The Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship, Case Western Reserve University; Paula Clark, Library Assistant, Serving Every Ohioan Library Center; Quinn Hull, Branch Services Librarian, South Euclid-Lyndhurst Branch, Cuyahoga County Public Library; Jay Miley, Customer Services Manager, Serving Every Ohioan Library Center
Program: Learn about patron-accessible digitization service points from several different Ohio organizations, including how the service point operates, its intended user group, level of staff involvement and training involved, and more.
– Case Western Reserve University: The Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship in the Kelvin Smith Library at Case Western Reserve University can digitize almost anything! This presentation outlines the various techniques, technologies, and capabilities available to our patrons both for self-service and as premium drop off.
– Cuyahoga County Public Library Jack, Joseph & Morton Mandel Memory Lab: The Memory Lab is a unique space in the Cuyahoga County Public Library system; patrons are welcome, after attending a short orientation, to visit the lab and digitize photo slides, music from vinyl records and cassette tapes, 8mm and Super8 film, and VHS tapes. The lab is a great place to revisit memories and make them come alive again.
– Serving Every Ohioan Library Center: SEO houses a digitization lab, SEO DigiHub, and is available to assist libraries and non-profit organizations with their digitization initiatives.
Host: Lily Birkhimer, Ohio History Connection
Site: Cardinal Classroom, Ohio History Center (800 E 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211)

July 17, 2019 | Care and Handling During Image Capture | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers: Ashleigh Ferguson Schieszer, Ohio Preservation Council Education and Programs Chair, and Conservator, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County;  Erin Wilson, Digital Imaging Specialist & Lab Manager, Preservation and Digital Initiatives Coordinator, Ohio University Libraries
Program: Presented from a preventative conservation perspective, this workshop will provide guidelines and tips to protect special collections during the digitization capture process. Preservation topics will include transportation, environment and workflow considerations for rare materials. A brief overview on identifying book parts and common condition issues will be followed by a discussion on handling and supporting fragile materials. Discussions will be illustrated with objects and examples of archival supports. Tricks to safely remove damaging fasteners will also be demonstrated.
Host: Katrina Marshall, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
Site: Main Library–Huenefeld Tower Room, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County (800 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45202)
Tours: The Preservation Lab, University of Cincinnati; Scenesavers; Digital Services, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County; Lloyd Library and Museum; Cincinnati Museum Center Archives

May 21, 2019 | Northeast Ohio Digital Projects Showcase | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers: Andria Hoy, Archivist, The Cleveland Orchestra; Jon Endres, Media & Technology Specialist, Cummings Center for the History of Psychology; Dr. Jodi Kearns, Digital Projects Manager, Cummings Center for the History of Psychology; Megan Mitchell, Digital Initiatives Librarian, Oberlin College Library;  Jamie Newhall, Senior Multimedia Producer, Instructional Services, The University of Akron
— The Cleveland Orchestra: Overview of how and why The Cleveland Orchestra partnered with longtime local institution, the Cleveland Public Library, to digitize a large scrapbook collection, including the history of a collection in need of preservation, choosing a vendor, and the final outcomes. (Digital Collection on Cleveland Public Library Digital Gallery)
— Cummings Center for the History of Psychology/University of Akron: Dr. David P. Boder (1886-1961) was a psychologist who studied trauma. He gathered interviews with Holocaust survivors in 1946 across Europe using a Pierce Wire Recorder, among the first portable sound recording devices. In 2016, using a new device made from original analog and modern digital parts, we digitized the surviving spools of interviews, and identified a long-lost recording of folk songs. We will show off our equipment, process, and discoveries.
— Oberlin College: The Oberlin College Libraries and the Allen Memorial Art Museum recently collaborated to co-host an Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon, in which members of the community were invited to participate in the international campaign to create or improve articles on topics dealing with the arts, feminism, women, and gender. The Libraries provided training and research resources, the Museum provided the venue and created a list of articles that participants might want to edit.
Host: Megan Mitchell, Oberlin College
Site: Mudd Center–Room 050, Oberlin College (148 W College St, Oberlin, OH 44074)
Tours: Oberlin College Special Collections & Archives, including Table Top Scribe Scanner; Letterpress Studio

March 26, 2019 | Collaboration in Libraries & Archives | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers: Justin Bridges, Preservation Librarian, Miami University; Kristen Newby, WWI Project Coordinator, Ohio History Connection; Barb Sedlock, Metadata and Archives Librarian, Defiance College; Amy Thomas, Library Director, Kent State University–Ashtabula Campus; Alia Levar Wegner, Digital Collections Library, Miami University
— “An Unexpected Collaboration: Miami University Libraries and the Hefner Museum of Natural History” (Justin & Alia): Miami University Libraries’ is currently working on a collaborative, grant-funded project with the Hefner Museum of Natural History. In the course of this collaboration, students will digitize hundreds of bird wing specimens using the libraries’ Phase One iXG camera and Reprographic System (housed within the Walter Havighurst Special Collections and University Archives), with the goal of publishing an authoritative American bird wing banding manual.
— “Collaborating with Cultural Heritage Institutions to Commemorate the World War I Centennial” (Kristen): Will discuss how Digital Services staff at the Ohio History Connection worked with a variety of institutions to create a statewide digital collection of local, state, national, and international importance.
— “Archives Supporting the Alumni Office in a Small College” (Barb): How a small college Archives provides support for the Alumni Office’s outreach efforts: digitized documents, weekly “Throwback Thursday” photos, and organizing an archives-related booth at the annual Homecoming tailgate party tent.
— “Creating a Digital Commons Ohio Winery Collection” (Amy): Strategy and outcomes of a successful partnership between the Kent State-Ashtabula library, wine degrees staff and faculty, local winemakers, and industry partners.
Host: Jeff Regensburger, Worthington Libraries
Site: Northwest Library, Worthington Libraries (2280 Hard Rd, Columbus, OH 43235)
Tour: Northwest Library

January 9, 2019 | The Internet Archive: The Ways in Which We Use It | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers: John Dewees, Supervisor, Digitization Services, Toledo Lucas County Public Library; Chatham Ewing, Digital Library Strategist, Cleveland Public Library; Kayla Harris, Librarian/Archivist, Marian Library, University of Dayton; Amy McCrory, Head, Digital Imaging Unit, Preservation & Reformatting Department, The Ohio State University Libraries
— “Experimenting with IA” (John): Attendees will learn how to quickly get started using the IA for hosting ebooks, both using the web and FTP interfaces, and what the advantages of doing so might be. (Slides (PDF))
— “Archive-It at UD” (Kayla): UD Libraries has used Archive-It, IA’s subscription-based web archiving tool, for several years to archive the university’s website, social media, and other websites of interest to our special collections department. Recently the team has integrated the content into the discovery layer and is actively promoting the material to users.  (Slides (PDF))
— “IA Scribe” (Amy): McCrory will highlight the advantages and limitations of the IA Gold Package service, which allows users to scan books on the purpose-built Table Top Scribe and upload them to IA, where all the post-processing and conversion is done. OUL uses the IA purpose-built scanner and subscribes to its post-processing service.
— “IA Community Webs” (Chatham): Cleveland Public Library has been part of the Community Webs grant program with IA, participating in an outreach project related to using web archiving in public libraries. We have captured and cataloged websites as part of the program.
Host: Penelope Shumaker, State Library of Ohio
Site: State Library of Ohio, Boardroom, 274 E. First Ave, Columbus, OH 43211
Tour: State Library of Ohio Digitization Center

November 14, 2018 | Community Engagement with Digital Collections
Speakers: Aaron O’Donovan & Angela O’Neal, Local History & Genealogy, Columbus Metropolitan Library
Program: If you build it, will they come? What is community engagement and how do you do it? Join the staff of the Columbus Metropolitan Library to learn about community engagement efforts at the library. Attendees will learn about CML’s programs to engage the African American community and a new program to embed librarians in neighborhoods throughout the city. You will also have an opportunity to brainstorm some ideas of your own to take back to your institution. (Slides (PDF))
Host: Angela O’Neal, Columbus Metropolitan Library
Site: Martin Luther King Branch, Columbus Metropolitan Library (1467 E Long St, Columbus, OH 43203)
Tour: NEW Martin Luther King Branch, dedicated in October 2018

September 12, 2018 | Copyright: The Current State & Your Digital Collections | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speaker: Maria Scheid, Copyright Services Specialist, The Ohio State University
Program: Confused about copyright? Puzzled by public domain? Maria Scheid, Copyright Services Coordinator with The Ohio State University Libraries, shared her expertise on the complex field of copyright in the digital realm. She provided a general overview of copyright law for those working with digital content, along with a particular focus on liability considerations for cultural heritage institutions putting historical materials online for public access. Plus, attendees learned about “what’s new” in the field of copyright as we approach the 1923 public domain expansion in 2019!
Host: Lily Birkhimer, Ohio History Connection
Site: Ohio History Center (800 E 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211)

July 11, 2018 | NHPRC Grant Project: Kent State Shootings Archive
Speakers: Haley Antell, Digital Project Archivist, Kent State University; Cara Gilgenbach, Head, Special Collections and Archives, Kent State University; Lae’l Hughes-Watkins, University Archivist, Kent State University; Cindy Kristof, Head, Copyright and Document Services, Kent State University
Program: Members of the Kent State University Libraries NHPRC grant project team provided a panel presentation with time for questions and answers about this project. In particular, the team members touched on the following topics: how they upscaled their digital project workflows to accommodate a large-scale project (having never done anything this large in-house in the past); how copyright and privacy review were integrated into the workflow; outreach efforts including curriculum development, planning for educator workshops, and social media efforts.
Host: Virginia Dressler, Kent State University
Site: University Library, Kent State University (1125 Risman Dr, Kent, OH 44240)
Tours: Kent State University Special Collections and Archives; May 4 Visitor Center; Spark Innovation Studio

May 10, 2018 | Implementing and Applying Accessibility
Speakers: Michelle Chronister, Associate Dean, University Libraries, Bowling Green State University; Virginia Dressler, Digital Projects Librarian, Kent State University; Emily Gattozzi, Coordinator,Scholarly Publishing, Bowling Green State University; Barb Loomis, Project Coordinator, Cleveland State University; Marsha Miles, Head, Digital Initiatives and Collections, Cleveland State University; Jason Piatt, Electronic & Information Technology Manager, Student Accessibility Services, Kent State University; Lindy Smith, Reference Archivist, Music Library and Bill Schurk Sound Archives, Bowling Green State University
— Michelle discussed how BGSU is approaching and prioritizing accessibility improvements to their website, which is managed by a distributed group. (Slides (PDF))
— Marsha and Barb shared Cleveland State University’s Michael Schwartz Library workflows for processing files to meet the accessibility standards. (Slides (PDF))
— Virginia and Jason talked about accessibility and digital projects at KSU and how accessibility has been incorporated into new digital projects. This work began with the implementation of an institutional policy relating to accessibility and digital content, and this has led the Digital Projects Librarian to adapt production workflows to meet accessibility requirements. They talked about the learning curves involved in the process and how the KSU accessibility office has assisted in this endeavor with hands on training and education to library staff. (Slides (PDF))
— Emily and Lindy have set out to create some guidelines and best practices for making sure digital media is accessible to all users as part of a larger effort to improve the accessibility of all library generated web content. They talked about the process of making BGSU’s media accessible and suggest some tools and resources to help you do the same. (Slides (PDF))
Host: Michelle Sweetser, Bowling Green State University
Site: William T. Jerome Library, Bowling Green State University (1001 E Wooster St, Bowling Green, OH 43403)
Tours: Browne Popular Culture Library; Center for Archival Collections; CollabLab; Music Library and Bill Schurk Sound Archives

March 6, 2018 | Digitizing AV Collections for Preservation and Access: Case Studies from Across Ohio | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers: Mark Bloom, Senior Archives Associate, University of Akron; Jim DaMico, Curator of Audio-Visual Collections, Cincinnati Museum Center; Tressa Graves, AV Assessment and Processinng Assistant, The Ohio State University; Dave Lewis, Sound Archivist, Music Library and Bill Schurk Sound Archives, Bowling Green State University; Maria Scheid, Copyright Services Specialist, The Ohio State University; Emily Shaw, Head of Preservation & Reformatting, The Ohio State University
Program: Audiovisual collections are rich and often unique resources, but legacy media formats present a range of complex challenges for preservation and accessibility. Panelists working with AV collections in several cultural heritage organizations across the state presented brief case studies to demonstrate how they have approached these challenges locally. There was plenty of time for questions and discussion, including with OSU’s Copyright Services Specialist, Maria Scheid.
Hosts: Lily Birkhimer & Jenni Salamon, Ohio History Connection
Site: Ohio History Center (800 E 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211)
Tour: Digital Services (behind-the-scenes area)

January 24, 2018 | Ohio Digital Network (DPLA in Ohio) | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers: Jen Johnson, Ohio Digital Network Coordinator/Library Consultant, State Library of Ohio; Peter Kukla, Software Development Specialist, State Library of Ohio; Missy Lodge, Associate State Librarian for Library Development, State Library of Ohio; Penelope Shumaker, Metadata Librarian, State Library of Ohio
Program: Presentation included a background of the DPLA project, starting with the planning stages, a picture of where it stands now, information on how and why to submit metadata for harvest, a glossary of terms, and technical information on the project including an overview of REPOX. Attendees were asked to bring any and all questions. Presenters wanted to know what training folks need, what hurdles they’re facing, and how State Library of Ohio staff can help clear some of those barriers to participation. See the Ohio Digital Network blog for more information. https://ohiodigitalnetwork.wordpress.com/.
Host: Shannon Kupfer, State Library of Ohio
Site: State Library of Ohio (274 E 1st Ave, Columbus, OH 43201)
Tour: State Library of Ohio Digitization Center

November 15, 2017 | Project Management Systems and Suggestions | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers: Janet Carleton, Digital Initiatives Coordinator, Ohio University; Katrina Marshall, Digital Services Manager, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County; Marsha Miles, Digital Initiatives Librarian, Cleveland State University; Megan Mitchell, Digital Initiatives Librarian, Oberlin College; Rachel Senese, Cleveland Digital Public Library Coordinator, Cleveland Public Library
Program: We discussed different types of project management software, what went into selection and customization, and showcasing how each software suite works.
— Janet: 5PM
— Katrina: Google Spreadsheets
— Marsha: Microsoft SharePoint
— Megan: Asana
— Rachel: Access/Microsoft Planner
Host: Angela O’Neal, Columbus Metropolitan Library
Site: Main Library, Columbus Metropolitan Library (96 S Grant Ave, Columbus, OH 43215)

September 28, 2017 | In Collaboration: Faculty Experiences Building Digital Humanities Projects with Librarians | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers: Theresa Culley, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cincinnati; Joshua Leavitt, PhD candidate, Department of English, The Ohio State University; David Staley, Associate Professor, Department of History, The Ohio State University; Robyn Warhol, Distinguished Professor, and Colleen Morrissey, PhD candidate, Department of English, The Ohio State University; Isaac Weiner, Associate Professor, Department of Comparative Studies, The Ohio State University; Gillian Weiss, Associate Professor, and Elise Hagesfeld, PhD candidate, Department of History, Case Western Reserve University
Program: Collaboration characterizes the digital humanities, and given the aims of many Digital Humanities projects, librarians, archivists, and special collections curators often prove invaluable collaborators. This panel presented the faculty perspective of such collaborations. Panelists provided an overview of their projects and discuss their collaborations with library professionals (e.g. when in the project lifecycle faculty made contact, what specifically they consulted about, what invaluable contributions the library/library staff made, what they learned about library resources/librarians’ skillsets as a result).
— Theresa: Scientific Colonialism Project
— Joshua: Dime Novel Detectives
— David: Reframing Public Housing
— Robyn and Colleen: Reading Like a Victorian
— Isaac: The American Religious Sounds Project
— Gillian and Elise: The Jewish View @ CWRU
Host: E. Leigh Bonds, The Ohio State University
Site: 18th Ave Library, The Ohio State University (175 W 18th Ave, Columbus, OH 43210)
Tours: Research Commons, a collaborative hub for faculty, postdoc, and graduate researchers that houses workshops, consultations, meeting spaces, and specialized technology

July 12, 2017 | Ohio University Archives, Civil War letters, Book Beat interviews, Facebook Live, and more! | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers: Karmen Beecroft, Digital Projects Librarian, Ohio University; Damon DeBorde, Head, Metadata Services, Ohio University; Bill Kimok, University Archivist and Records Manager, Ohio University; Stacey Lavender, Digital Projects Librarian for Arts & Archives, Ohio University
— Karmen discussed her largest in-house digitization project to date: 1000+ letters and 8 diaries from 16 Civil War-era collections held by OU’s Mahn Center for Archives & Special Collections. She highlighted digital production workflows, metadata conundrums, and historical insights gained from such a holistic corpus of perspectives.
— Damon shared details of the metadata work for the Don Swaim Collection, an audio collection dating from the 1980s and early 1990s. We looked at some of the challenges of wrangling metadata for hundreds of Book Beat interviews and authors (e.g., Updike, Doctorow, Blume, Atwood, Ginsburg, Bradbury, Morrison) and the increased level of collaboration with Digital Initiatives.
— Bill demonstrated how he uses digitized materials from University Archives collections to instruct students, staff, and alumni about themes in Ohio University history, and to promote further use of those materials as the basis for their research projects.
— Stacey discussed the creation of “Highlights” pages on the Libraries’ website as a way to promote and provide additional context for digitized materials, and using Facebook Live as a tool for publicizing those pages.
Host: Janet Carleton, Ohio University
Site: Alden Library, Ohio University (30 Park Pl, Athens, OH 45701)
— July 11, 3-4pm: Living Letters: A Special Delivery from Ohio’s Frontier and Front Lines (Ohio University’s Alden Library)
— July 11 & July 12, 5-7pm: Happy Hour at Little Fish Brewing Co.
— July 12 (following OhioDIG): Digital Initiatives; Mahn Center for Archives & Special Collections; Southeast Ohio History Center (formerly Athens County Historical Society)
— July 13, 10-11:30am: Kennedy Museum of Art

May 4, 2017 | Digital Storytelling, Oral History, and Accessibility | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers: Will Davis, Manager, New Media Incubator, Wright State University; Seth Gordon, Director, Veteran and Military Center, Wright State University; Jocelyn Robinson, Fellow, WYSO Digital Archives; Jane Wildermuth, Head, Digital Initiatives and Repository Services, Wright State University
— Will presented on digital storytelling. He talked about how to move beyond your typical oral history to engage your users. Will serves as producer and editor for the WYSO radio series “Veterans Voices.”
— Seth presented on the Veterans Voices Project, which was born out of an oral history class and has veterans encouraging other veterans to share their stories.
— Jane showed how materials from the WYSO series and the oral histories are added to Wright State University’s institutional repository, CORE Scholar.
— Jocelyn presented on how Rediscovered Radio is making over 200 hours of broadcasts from the 1960s-1970s accessible by providing the user with context and commentary.
Host: Jane Wildermuth, Wright State University
Site: Paul Laurence Dunbar Library, Wright State University (3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy, Dayton, OH 45435)
Tours: Digital Services/Special Collections & Archives; New Media Incubator/Student Technology Assistance Center (3D printing, podcast room, e-learning studio)

March 22, 2017 | Ohio Grants for Digitization
Speakers: Meghan Hays, Local History Librarian, Shaker Heights Public Library; Missy Lodge, Associate State Library for Library Development, State Library of Ohio; David Merkowitz, Assistant Director, Ohio Humanities; Dan Noonan, Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board Chair and Assistant Professor/Digital Resources Archivist, The Ohio State University Libraries; Andy Verhoff, Coordinator, Ohio History Fund Grant/Local History, Ohio History Connection
Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA): Missy shared information on LSTA grant opportunities available through the State Library of Ohio for digitization and conservation projects.
Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board (OHRAB): Dan addressed what owners of a grant program and grant reviewers are looking for in a good grant proposal, and Meghan talked about Shaker Heights Public Library’s OHRAB grant-funded project, Digital Preservation of Shaker Heights Architectural Records and Creation of an Online Database.
Ohio History Fund: Andy described the History Fund grant program of the Ohio History Connection: what does the History Fund fund, how big are the grants, and how does one apply. He focused on grants for digitization projects and enlisted your help to maintain support for the History Fund in 2017. As of February 2017, the History Fund has made 53 grants in 32 counties totaling $522,000.
— Ohio Humanities: David discussed how an organization can apply for support for digitization from Ohio Humanities in the context of a larger public-facing project (online exhibit or documentary video/audio piece).
Host: Shannon Kupfer, State Library of Ohio
Site: State Library of Ohio (274 E 1st Ave, Columbus, OH 43201)
Tour: State Library of Ohio’s Digital Services area

January 17, 2017 | Reaching Teachers: Successful Digital Outreach to K-12
Speakers: Alexandria Halmbacher, Ohio as America Coordinator, Ohio History Connection; Brandi Young, ILibrarian, INFOhio
Program: Alexandria discussed how she has used digitized history content to construct K-12 education resources, specifically in relation to Ohio as America 2.0, a 4th grade online social studies textbook that serves over 23,000 students across the state of Ohio. Brandi discussed what educators want/expect from digital librarians/archivists in terms of digital collections and educational resources.
Hosts: Lily Birkhimer & Jenni Salamon, Ohio History Connection
Site: Ohio History Center (800 E 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211)
Tour: Ohio History Connection’s Great Collections Experiment Galleries, which explore new ways of displaying and sharing more of the amazing, priceless and sometimes quirky objects in OHC’s vast collection

November 17, 2016 | Working with Interns and Volunteers
Speakers: Dawne Dewey, Head of Special Collections & Archives, Wright State University (as supervisor); Karen Gracy, Associate Professor & Graduate Coordinator for Admissions, School of Library and Information Science, Kent State University (as internship coordinator); Danielle Rennick, Lead Volunteer Coordinator, Ohio History Connection; Adam Wanter, Digital & Special Collections Archivist, MidPointe Library System (as past practicum student)
Host: Janet Carleton, Ohio University
Site: OHIONET (1500 W Lane Ave, Columbus, OH 43221)

September 29, 2016 | Making It Count: Possibilities, Challenges and Current Practices in Assessing Cultural Heritage Digitization | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers: Marcus Ladd, Miami University; Barb Sedlock, Defiance College; Emily Shaw, The Ohio State University
Program: How can we assess the impact of our digitization activities? How can we assert the value and justify the resources needed to create, preserve and provide access to digitized collections? This session looked at the possibilities, challenges and current practices for assessing the value and impact of digitization and digital collections in libraries, archives, museums and other cultural heritage organizations. Panelists provided an overview of the methods, metrics and current work in this area, presented the aggregate results from the most recent OhioDIG Digital Collections Analytics Survey, and reviewed some of our institutions’ real digitized collections with any eye toward assessment. There was time for open discussion. For additional grounding in this topic before the meeting, review the Digital Library Federation’s Assessment Interest Group wiki.
Ohio Digital Collections Analytics 2015 Slides (PDF)
Case Study: One Vendor’s Statistical Report Slides (PDF)
Making it Count: Assessing the Value and Impact of Cultural Heritage Digitization Slides (PDF)
Hosts: Aaron O’Donovan & Angela O’Neal, Columbus Metropolitan Library
Site: Main Library, Columbus Metropolitan Library (96 S Grant Ave, Columbus, OH 43215)
Tours: CML’s Main Library recently underwent a $35 million renovation that opened up the space and highlighted views of downtown and the Topiary Park–see the new Digital Lab, with emphasis on equipment and digitization procedures; local history and genealogy collections; and general tour covering nonfiction, fiction, teen, children’s and meeting spaces

July 7, 2016 | Cleveland Digital Public Library: Digitization and Public Service
Speaker: Chatham Ewing, Cleveland Public Library
Program: Chatham presented on the creation of the Cleveland Digital Public Library and how it offers digitization as a public service.
Hosts: Chatham Ewing & Rachel Senese, Cleveland Public Library
Site: Main Library, Cleveland Public Library (325 Superior Ave, Cleveland, OH 44114)
— July 7: Cleveland Public Library’s TechCentral MakerSpace, Special Collections, Folger Shakespeare Library First Folio Exhibit
— July 8: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library & Archives

May 24, 2016 | Digital Scholarship at Denison University | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers: Debby Andreadis, Deputy Director of Libraries, Denison University; Ben Daigle, Associate Director of Consortial Library Systems, The Five Colleges of Ohio; Joanna Grabski, Professor and Chair of Art History & Visual Culture, Denison University
Program: Denison University has launched many digital scholarship projects in the last several years under the financial support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in cooperation with the Five Colleges of Ohio. Three projects were demonstrated and discussed:
Mapping Oceania, a showcase of student-selected Oceanic art works from various museums around the world (Slides (PDF))
Expanding Archive, a collection of material relating to the history of LBGT students and the Queer Studies program (Slides (PDF))
Baptists in Burma, a digitized aggregation of archival materials from across the country that uses Axis Maps to identify content’s geolocation
Hosts: Debby Andreadis & Sasha Griffin, Denison University
Site: Library, Denison University (400 W Loop, Granville, OH 43023)
Tour: New archives facility

March 9, 2016 | Digital Preservation: Tools & Storage | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers: Sam Meister, Preservation Communities Manager, Educopia Institute; Eira Tansey, Digital Archivist/Records Manager, University of Cincinnati; Deanna Ulvestad, Head Archivist, Greene County Public Library
— Eira discussed how she is using a grab bag of tools, including some from BitCurator, to analyze and appraise university electronic records (Slides (PDF))
— Deanna and Sam discussed the MetaArchive Cooperative, a member-driven digital preservation network of more than 50 institutions, and describe the innovative organizational strategies and the technical infrastructure of the Cooperative (Slides (PDF))
Hosts: Lily Birkhimer & Jenni Salamon, Ohio History Connection
Site: Ohio History Center (800 E 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211)

February 5, 2016 | Equipment: Book Scanners | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers:: Lily Birkhimer, Digital Projects Coordinator, Ohio History Connection; Megan Mitchell, Digital Initiatives Coordinator, Oberlin College Library; Aaron O’Donovan, Digitization & Local History Librarian, Columbus Metropolitan Library
Program: Many of us are looking to update or newly acquire equipment for book capture. Panelists discussed their experiences with evaluating and acquiring new book scanning equipment for various use cases. There was time for questions and for attendees to share their own experiences.
— Ohio History Connection: Atiz BookdrivePro, Bookeye 4 V1A, Zeutschel OS 12000 A1 (Slides (PDF))
— Columbus Metropolitan Library: Atiz BookDrive Pro w/ Canon T3i, Atiz BookDrive Mark 2 w/ Canon T5i, Plustek OpticBook A300 (Slides (PDF))
— Oberlin College: The Internet Archive’s Table Top Scribe
Hosts: Lily Birkhimer & Jenni Salamon, Ohio History Connection
Site: Ohio History Center (800 E 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211)

November 19, 2015 | Preserve Digital Ohio | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers:: Elizabeth Allen, Circulation Assistant, Bexley Public Library; Jillian Carney, Manager, Digital Services, Ohio History Connection; Shannon Kupfer, Digital & Tangible Media Cataloger, State Library of Ohio; Nathan Tallman, Digital Content Strategist, University of Cincinnati
Program: Preserve Digital Ohio is a project led by the speakers. The four came together and applied for the 2015 ILEAD USA Ohio program with the objective to promote outreach and education in digital preservation matters amongst cultural heritage organizations within Ohio, especially small, volunteer-run organizations. The team gave an overview of ILEAD, discussed how the project was developed, demoed the Digital Content Inventory Tool, and took feedback from the audience for future enhancements.
Hosts: Lily Birkhimer & Jillian Carney, Ohio History Connection
Site: Ohio History Center (800 E 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211)
Tour: Digital Services (behind-the-scenes area), featuring new overhead cameras and large-format scanner

September 9, 2015 | Harnessing the Lifecycle: Planning and Implementing a Strategic Digital Collections Infrastructure at the OSU Libraries | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers: Dan Noonan, E-Records/Digital Resources Archivist, The Ohio State University; Terry Reese, Head, Digital Initiatives, The Ohio State University; Emily Shaw, Head, Preservation and Reformatting, The Ohio State University
Program: Speakers gave an overview of the Ohio State University Libraries’ multi-year effort to plan, develop and implement a robust infrastructure for lifecycle management of their digital collections. (Slides)
Site: Westerville Public Library (126 S State St, Westerville, OH 43081)
Tour:  Westerville Public Library Local History Center (public and behind-the-scenes areas), featuring John R. Kasich Congressional Collection and Anti-Saloon League Museum

July 7, 2015  (10th Anniversary Meeting!) | All Things Digitization at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers: Stephanie Bricking, Metadata Librarian, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County; Katrina Marshall, Manager, Digital Services; Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
Program: Staff at the PLCHC recently completed a large migration of content from a home-grown content management system into CONTENTdm. Speakers discussed why CONTENTdm was selected as their new digital collections management system, the new workflows that have been implemented due to this change, and what challenges they have encountered during the migration process.
Hosts: Stephanie Bricking & Katrina Marshall, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
Site: Main Branch, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County (800 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45202)
Tours: The Preservation Lab; PLCHC Digitization Lab & Cincinnati Room

May 20, 2015 | Project Management for Digitization | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speaker: Laurie Gemmill Arp, Director, Digital & Preservation Services, LYRASIS
Program: Laurie provided an overview of project management for digitization projects, focusing on managing the process, concentrating on best practices, execution, and evaluation. (Slides (PDF))
Host: Angela O’Neal, Columbus Metropolitan Library
Site: Whitehall Branch, Columbus Metropolitan Library (4445 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43213)
Tours: New Whitehall Branch building; Old Whitehall Branch building (temporary location of Local History & Genealogy library)

March 31, 2015 | Update on the DPLA | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers:: Jillian Carney, Manager, Digital Services, Ohio History Connection; Katy Klettlinger, Library Consultant, State Library of Ohio; Shannon Kupfer, Digital & Tangible Media Cataloger, State Library of Ohio
Program: After years of planning, the Digital Public Library of America was launched in April 2013 and, in the past two years, has grown to become a major force in the effort to provide access to cultural heritage materials in digital formats. DPLA Community Reps Jillian, Katy, and Shannon talked about what the DPLA is and how it works, and then led a follow-up discussion on Ohio’s future participation in DPLA. (Slides (PDF))
Hosts: Jillian Carney & Jenni Salamon, Ohio History Connection
Site: Ohio History Center (800 E 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211)

January 22, 2015 | U.S. Copyright Law and Fair Use | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speaker: Sandra Aya Enimil, Head, Copyright Resource Center, The Ohio State University Libraries
Program: Enimil gave information on copyright law in the U.S. and provided insight into fair use. Fair use and other exceptions provided to libraries and archives under the United States Copyright Act were also discussed in depth. Fair use frequently functions as an exemption to the copyright law for educational and socially important purposes such as teaching, research, criticism, commentary, parody, and news reporting. There was also discussion on the history of copyright, using copyright-protected work, and the public domain. Enimil was unable to share her slides with us, but had many resources to offer on Copyright Basics and Fair Use.
Host: Shannon Kupfer, State Library of Ohio
Site: State Library of Ohio (274 E 1st Ave, Columbus, OH 43201)

November 19, 2014 | What Do Users Want: A Discussion | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speaker: Andrew Schocket, Director, American Culture Studies, Assoc. Professor of History and American Culture Studies, Bowling Green State University
Program: Schocket reported on results gathered from the Scholars’ Dashboard project–a series of three two-day workshops, teaming humanities scholars, librarians, and technologists in innovative application development to optimize use of humanities collections. The workshop produced technical requirements for a Scholar’s Dashboard which might be considered for any online digital humanities repository. The second half of the presentation session allowed attendees to discuss their own experiences in reaching out to user communities to solicit feedback, how that data has been used to guide digital programs, and what opportunities remain to learn more about how we can better serve our users. (Slides (PDF), White Paper, Poster)
Hosts: Lily Birkhimer & Jenni Salamon, Ohio History Connection
Site: Ohio History Center (800 E 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211)

September 24, 2014 | Basic Considerations for Digital Preservation | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speaker: Dan Noonan, Assistant Professor, E-Records/Digital Resources Archivist, The Ohio State University Libraries/University Archives
Program: The process of digitizing our collections is no small feat. As such, we more likely than not will want to preserve these digital surrogates so as not to have to continually redigitize, which can be labor intensive and costly, as well as pose a potential threat to the original artifact. This presentation addressed the basic steps archivists, curators, and librarians need to consider to establish an appropriate digital preservation environment. (Slides (PDF))
Host: Shannon Kupfer, State Library of Ohio
Site: State Library of Ohio (274 E 1st Ave, Columbus, OH 43201)

July 22, 2014 | Equipment: The Foundation for a Digital Hub | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers: Jill Clever, Toledo Lucas County Public Library; Chatham Ewing, Digital Initiatives & Services Strategist, Cleveland Public Library; Stephen Hedges, Executive Director, OPLIN; Katrina Marshall, Digital Services Manager, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County; Angela O’Neal, Local History & Genealogy Manager, Columbus Metropolitan Library
Program: The panel discussed equipment concerns for the Digital Hubs Project, a collaboration between the Cleveland Public Library, Columbus Metropolitan Library, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County and the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library to develop a statewide program for digitizing and accessing materials relative to local and state importance. With funding from IMLS through the LSTA program, the State Library of Ohio and OPLIN, these four hub libraries will also reach out to other libraries with limited digitization capabilities to enhance their own digitization efforts. Phase One of the project involves purchasing specialized equipment for the Hubs and developing service models. In this session, participants will discuss how to select equipment for digitization projects, working with vendors and lessons learned in building a digital lab.
Host: Angela O’Neal, Columbus Metropolitan Library
Site: Main Library, Columbus Metropolitan Library (96 S Grant Ave, Columbus, OH 43215)

May 21, 2014 | What Do I Do with All this Stuff? Audiovisual Digitization, Practices and Procedures | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speaker: John Walko, Media Archive Manager, SceneSavers
Program: John covered what makes preserving AV materials more challenging, dangers facing AV collections, IDing different formats, inspecting videotapes for suitability for transfer, how to prioritize, how do you know if it’s a good transfer, what types of files to create, and data protection. (Google Slides, Video Sample)
Host: Jillian Carney, Ohio Historical Society
Site: Westerville Public Library (126 S State St, Westerville, OH 43081)

March 31, 2014 | Lessons Learned: In-House Digitization | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers: Amy McCrory, Digital Imaging Specialist, The Ohio State University; Marcus Ladd, Special Collections Librarian, Miami University
— Amy presented “Material Issues: Physical Features, Lighting, and Digital Capture.” Amy discussed image capture, including for the King James Bible exhibit and glass slides. (Slides (PDF), Blog Posts)
— Marcus presented “This Could Take a While – Reflections After the First Year of a Student-Aided Digitization Project.” The Bowden Postcard Collection contains a “staggering 480,000 postcards, spanning the entire 20th century and the entire globe.” The project already has 1700 postcards online and plans are to continue work for decades to come. An interesting blend of short- and long-term planning are required. (Slides (PDF))
Host: Lily Birkhimer, Ohio Historical Society
Site: Ohio Historical Center (800 E 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211)

February 18, 2014 (rescheduled from January 29, 2014) | Lessons Learned While Migrating | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers: Alan Boyd, Associate Director of Libraries, Oberlin College; Andrew Harris, Metadata Librarian, Digital Services, Wright State University; Keith Manecke, Manager of Cataloging and Registration, Ohio Historical Society
— Alan presented “Many Hands Making Lighter Work: The Five Colleges of Ohio DRC Migration.” Having invested in significant collaborations within the context of the OhioLINK Digital Resource Commons, the Five Colleges of Ohio continue to work together for the future. (Slides (PDF))
— Andrew presented “From DSpace to Digital Commons: A Guide to Migrating your Digital Assets.” Andrew discussed the process of assessing, organizing, and migrating a diverse collection of digital media from our original DSpace-based institutional repository to our current Digital Commons instance. (Slides (PDF))
— Keith presented “The Long and Winding Migration: Five Lessons Learned at the Ohio Historical Society.” Since 2012, OHS has been migrating library, archives, and museum collections data out of a single integrated library system. The new management system includes separate modules for different types of collections and increased functionality for managing and displaying digital content. Hear about the challenges encountered and the biggest lessons learned during this large-scale migration project. (Slides (PDF))
Host: Shannon Kupfer, State Library of Ohio
Site: State Library of Ohio (274 E 1st Ave, Columbus, OH 43201)

November 14, 2013 | Newspaper Digitization and Working with Vendors | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers: Jenni Salamon & Kevin Latta, National Digital Newspaper Program in Ohio, Ohio Historical Society; Laurie Gemmill Arp, LYRASIS
— Jenni & Kevin discussed the technical aspects of digitizing newspapers including content selection and current archival standards and best practices.  (Slides (PDF))
— Laurie discussed working with vendors and focusing on what you and the vendor need to know to make a productive project. (Slides (PDF))
Hosts: Lily Birkhimer & Jillian Carney, Ohio Historical Society
Site: Ohio Historical Center (1982 Velma Ave, Columbus, OH 43211)

April 3, 2009 | Extreme Makeover: A User-Centered Redesign of the Worthington Libraries Website
Speaker: Kara Reuter, Digital Library Manager, Worthington Libraries
Program: Library websites must serve a wide variety of audiences who seek to accomplish many different tasks. This presentation outlined the comprehensive, user-centered process used by Worthington Libraries to complete the recent redesign of their Worthington Libraries website.
Host: Susan Allen, Worthington Libraries
Site: Northwest Library, Worthington Libraries (2280 Hard Rd, Columbus, OH 43235)

July 29, 2008 | Shareable Metadata | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speaker: Melanie Schlosser, Metadata Librarian, Scholarly Resources Integration Department, The Ohio State University
Program: Slides
Host: Melanie Schlosser, The Ohio State University
Site: Ackerman Library, The Ohio State University (600 Ackerman Rd, Columbus, OH 43202)

March 28, 2008 | Intro to OhioLINK’s New EAD Finding Aid Creation Tool
Speaker: Cara Gilgenbach, Head of Special Collections, Kent State University & Chair, OhioLINK EAD Task Force
Program: Cara provided a basic demonstration of the newly-developed EAD Finding Aid Creation Tool. This tool allows for the creation of EAD finding aids without any knowledge of EAD/xml tagging. She also briefly showed the OhioLINK Finding Aid Repository that brings together in one location EAD finding aids submitted by Ohio cultural heritage institutions such as colleges, universities, historical societies, public and special libraries, and museums. (Slides (PDF))
Host: Roman Panchysyn, OHIONET
Site: OHIONET (1500 W Lane Ave, Columbus, OH 43221)

November 9, 2007 | Moving Image Digitization for the Small Shop
Speakers: Matt and Nikki Swift, NicoletteCinemagraphics & Master of Library and Information Science, Kent State University
Program: Slides (PDF)
Host: Angela O’Neal, Ohio Historical Society
Site: Ohio Historical Center (1982 Velma Ave, Columbus, OH 43211)

September 14, 2007 | The Ohio State University’s Institutional Repository: How Policy Informs Practice | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers: Tschera Connell, Dept. Head/Associate Professor, Scholarly Resources Integration Department, The Ohio State University; Maureen Walsh, Metadata Librarian/Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University
Program: Slides
Host: Tschera Connell, The Ohio State University
Site: Ackerman Library, The Ohio State University (600 Ackerman Rd, Columbus, OH 43202)

May 11, 2007 | Business Planning and Sustainability for Digital Projects | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speaker: Laurie Gemmill, OCLC
Program: Resource List (PDF)
Host: Laurie Gemmill, OCLC
Site: Kilgour Auditorium, OCLC (6565 Kilgour Pl, Dublin, OH, 43017)

November 14, 2006 | Capture and Cataloging of Digitized Ohio Government Documents in the Content Cooperative | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers: Kathy Hughes, State Library of Ohio; Nicole Merriman, State Library of Ohio
Program: The State Library of Ohio is a participant in OCLC’s Content Cooperative Pilot Project, which allows you to upload files from your computer. The State Library is also an original member of OCLC’s Digital Archive, which allows for archiving of documents on the Web. Objects archived either way are available through SLO’s online catalog or through Open WorldCat. (Slides (PDF))
Host: Kathy Hughes, State Library of Ohio
Site: State Library of Ohio (274 E 1st Ave, Columbus, OH 43201)

August 8, 2006 | Outreach Fever: From Blogs to County Fairs | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speaker: Bill Barrow, Cleveland Memory, Cleveland State University
Host: Roman Panchysyn, OHIONET
Site: OHIONET (1500 W Lane Ave, Columbus, OH 43221)

May 9, 2006 | Using Greenstone Open Source Digital Library Software at a Cultural Heritage Institution
Speakers: Mary Manning, Archivist, Medical Heritage Center; Eric Schnell, Medical Heritage Center
Program: Slides (PDF)
Host: Mary Manning, Medical Heritage Center
Site: Medical Heritage Center, Prior Health Sciences Library, The Ohio State University (376 W 10th Ave, Columbus, OH 43210)

February 14, 2006 | Digitizing Historic Newspapers | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speaker: Phil Sager, Digital Projects Developer, Ohio Historical Society
Program: Slides (PDF), Resource List (PDF)
Host: Angela O’Neal, Ohio Historical Society
Site: Ohio Historical Center (1982 Velma Ave, Columbus, OH 43211)

November 14, 2005 | Worthington Memory Showcase | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speakers: Susan Allen, Digital Library Leader, Worthington Libraries; Stefan Langer, Webmaster, Worthington Libraries
Host: Susan Allen, Worthington Libraries
Site: Old Worthington Library (820 High St, Worthington, OH 43085)

September 7, 2005 | Access, Preservation, and Interchange: Digital Imaging with JPEG 2000 | Meeting Notes (PDF)
Speaker: Peter Murray, Assistant Director, Multimedia Systems, OhioLINK
Host: Laurie Gemmill, OCLC
Site: Kilgour Auditorium, OCLC (6565 Kilgour Pl, Dublin, OH, 43017)

July 2005 | Inaugural Meeting (as Columbus DIG)
Speakers: Susan Allen, Digital Library Leader, Worthington Libraries; Laurie Gemmill, Digital Projects Specialist, OCLC; Mary Manning, Archivist, Medical Heritage Center; Angela O’Neal, Digital Projects Manager, Ohio Historical Society
Host: Laurie Gemmill, OCLC
Site: Kilgour Auditorium, OCLC (6565 Kilgour Pl, Dublin, OH, 43017)

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